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Shostakovich – The Gadfly

Tweet Dmitri Shostakovich’s music seems to be in the process of eclipsing that of all other 20th century composers, again proving Verdi’s dictum that the only critic that counted, in the long run, was the audience. The Russian composer was a prolific composer of film music. His most famous piece from that ouvre is the…

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Lucia Di Lammermoor – Final Scene

Tweet Donizetti’s great opera is often seen as a vehicle for the soprano who sings the title role. But the opera’s last scene, Act 3 scene 3, which follows the Mad Scene, is as challenging for the tenor as the previous one is for the soprano. (The scene is sometimes numbered 2 as the first…

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Siegfried Wagner – The Impossible Dream

Tweet Suppose you were the son of Richard Wagner and the grandson of Franz Liszt – would the chromosomal burden be too much to bear? We can prove the question by examining the career of Siegfried Wagner (1869-1930).  He was born to Richard and Cosima Wagner (1837-1930). Cosima was the illegitimate daughter of Franz Liszt….

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The 10 Best Basses of the 20th Century

Tweet The basses discussed below are those who I think were among the best of the past century. If I made a similar list on another day it would likely be different from this one.  Thus, this compilation reflects nothing more than personal taste and preference. If you have a different one post it in…

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