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Meaningful Use of an Electronic Health Record

Tweet As part of last year’s economic stimulus act congress passed the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH). “HITECH broadens the scope of privacy and security protections already available under HIPAA. This law also increases the potential legal liability for non-compliance and provides for more enforcement. HITECH requires data breach notification…

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How to Put an Image In Gmail When Gmail Doesn’t Want to Let You Do It

Tweet There are many times when you’ll want to put a picture into an email. If you use Gmail this was hard to do until April of 2009 when Gmail made it easier, but not as easy as they should have. What you have to do is click the Settings tab. Make sure you are…

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How to Disable Yahoo’s Theft of Firefox’s Open a New Tab

Tweet If you like puzzles you might try to figure this one out. If you install a Yahoo toolbar into Mozilla’s Firefox you’ll discover that it hijacks Firefox’s new tab page. If you click the new tab button on Firefox you should get a blank and untitled page. But once you’ve installed the Yahoo toolbar…

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Bing vs Google

Tweet On the basis of a completely non-scientific survey, it appears to me that Microsoft’s relatively new search engine Bing is doing a better job at finding stuff than Google. Just a short while ago Google would find posts to blogs or small web sites within hours of their appearance. Now it seems to take…

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Why Nothing Works

Tweet The title is a bit hyperbolic – almost nothing works. Good service usually can  not be purchased at any price unless you are in the billionaire class. Why do businesses that provide only a service – like the airlines – perform so terribly? In this case (airlines) it’s our fault. We don’t want to…

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