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APA Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men or Why Can’t a Boy be More Like a Girl?

Tweet The American Psychological  Association released its guidelines for psychological practice with boys and men in August of 2018. It seems to have taken a while for these guidelines to trickle down to the lay press. Since the document (it’s below this piece) is more of a political statement than a therapeutic one it’s had the…

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The 10 Best Sopranos of the 20th Century

Tweet This was a tough piece to write. With all the great sopranos of different vocal types active in the 20th century, picking just 10 is a daunting task. But I’m giving it a try regardless. I have excluded the high sopranos like Tetrazzini and Galli-Curci, but I still have a surplus of riches that…

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Zinka Milanov’s Birthday

Tweet Today is the 107th anniversary of the greatest Verdi soprano I ever heard – Zinka Milanov (1906-1989). Milanov was the Queen of the Met where she sang 449 performances between 1937 and 1966. In the core Verdi roles I have never heard her equal. She was a unique artist. The only words that can…

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The Obesity Paradox in Patients on Hemodialysis

Tweet I don’t wish to appear fixated on fat, but another paper on the relationship between obesity and survival has appeared. This one is easier to understand than those that have preceded it. The Obesity Paradox and Mortality Associated With Surrogates of Body Size and Muscle Mass in Patients Receiving Hemodialysis examines if an increase…

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Zinka Milanov – The Most Beautiful Voice in the World

Tweet “I have the most beautiful voice in the world.” That was Zinka’s appraisal of her own voice. Who am I to argue with such a source? Besides, she did. A great opera singer does what lesser singers do, only better. I can think of just two exceptions to the rule – Zinka Milanov and…

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