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The Drunkard’s Walk and the World Series

Tweet The Drunkards Walk is a book by Leonard Mlodinow which examines the ubiquity of randomness in all things human. As our annual celebration of randomness, The World Series, is now underway another look at the random seems worth an at bat. Baseball is a game where the “best” team often loses to a “weaker” team. It’s…

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Forgotten Miracle

Tweet Glory does not always blaze; sometimes it goes dark. The 1960 USA hockey team is an of example of forgotten greatness. Olympic hockey is now one of the winter games premiere events. Professional players from the NHL form the core of the strong teams’ rosters. This year’s Winter Olympics mark the 30th anniversary of…

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Luck, Not Ripeness, Is All

Tweet As almost everyone knows the New York Giants upset the New England Patriots to win the 42nd iteration of the Super Bowl. The Giants won the game with a touchdown with only 35 seconds left to play. But the critical play happened moments earlier. David Tyree a mostly invisible player made once in a…

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