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Anna Bolena in HD

Anna Netrebko showed this afternoon why Donizetti’s first successful opera is still performed. Though premiered in 1830, it took Anna Bolena until this year to reach the Met. The opera was Donizetti’s 34th. What kept him in the game after going so long without a hit is mysterious. He shows once again that the greatest determinant of…

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Opening Night at the Met Streamed

Actually it was more like an intermittently babbling brook. The Met’s internet stream  had more stops and starts than a broken zipper. If you were listening to Anna Bolena on Sirius’s satellite signal all was well. But the Met’s “updated” feed was a disaster. How much of this imperfect streaming to blame on the Met and how much should…

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Letter From Dallas

The author of this letter is  Dean Emeritus of the College of Arts and Sciences at Texas Tech University. It describes her reactions to the performances of Mozart’s Don Giovanni on Nov 5 and that of Donizetti’s Anna Bolena the following day at the Dallas Opera. NK We had an interesting time at the Dallas…

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