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La Fanciulla Del West

A rousing and complete performance of Puccini original spaghetti western La Fanciulla Del West is below. If you haven’t time for the whole opera, watch the first few minutes for what may be the most imaginative beginning of an opera in years. The production is from the Royal Opera House in Stockholm. It features Nina…

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Birgit Nilsson Recital (From Doing Nothing)

The following account of a recital by Birgit Nilsson appears in my novel Doing Nothing. Though I heard La Nilsson many times this report is entirely fictional. NK …he (Richard Grollman the novel’s protagonist) had a ticket to hear Birgit Nilsson sing that evening at (Chicago’s) Orchestra Hall. The Swedish soprano had made quite a…

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Coming Soon: Birgit Nilsson's 3 Favorite Tenors

Jussi Björling and Franco Corelli are not among these three, though the great diva professed profound admiration for both of them. Read about it here – soon. Well, you could read about it somewhere else, which is where I found it.

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