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Teaching Medicine in 2020

Dr Ezekiel Emanuel whose job at the University of Pennsylvania is to think deep thoughts has a short piece just published online in the JAMA. In it he observes, rightly I believe, that the internet has changed the first two years of medical such that most teachers are no longer needed. The first two years…

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The Electronic Record and the Doctor

Everyone seemed surprised when investigators from the RAND Corp  reported in the January 2013 issue of Health Affairs that the widespread use of the electronic medical record had not resulted in reducing medical care costs  – see the NY Times incredulous reaction. The RAND team of course said if we just tried a little bit harder, say…

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Why Nothing Works

The title is a bit hyperbolic – almost nothing works. Good service usually can not be purchased at any price unless you are in the billionaire class. Why do businesses that provide only a service – like the airlines – perform so terribly? In this case (airlines) it’s our fault. We don’t want to pay…

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