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Alzheimer’s Disease as an Infectious Disease

In 2005 Barry Marshall and Robert Warren received the Nobel Prize in medicine for their discovery that about 75% of peptic ulcer disease was infectious – secondary to infection with H pylori, a bacterium. Earlier studies had shown that viruses could cause certain forms of cancer. Kaposi’s sarcoma was a prominent feature of the weakened…

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Systolic Blood Pressure Control and Dementia

Dementia increases with age. About 50% of the population 85 years or older will experience some degree of cognitive impairment. Obviously, this problem places an enormous burden on those charged with the care of these patients and an economic load on all of society.  There is no treatment currently available to retard cognitive decline in…

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Curing Alzheimer’s Disease

Sandra Day O’Connor, Stanley Prusiner, and Ken Dychtwald published an Op-Ed in the New York Times on October 27, 2010 titled The Age of Alzheimer’s. O’Connor is a retired associate justice of the Supreme Court. Prusiner, received the 1997 Nobel Prize in Medicine and is the director of the Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases at the…

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