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The Vanishing Patients

Medical facilities are bemoaning the loss of revenue that has followed the COVID-19 epidemic. The conventional explanation is that patients are staying away from hospitals and clinics because they think them unsafe and fear contracting the virus should they go. Hospitals say they’re losing $50 billion dollars a month. Extrapolated to a whole year that…

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Investing for the Long Run

If you’ve been following the stock market for the last couple of months you’ve likely been afflicted with repeated vasovagal attacks. This is as close to either medicine or opera as I’m going to get in this piece. When the markets submerge the advice emitted by both casual and professional observers is always the same….

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Public Polled on Origin of the Universe

The report that the public favors the economic stimulus package now before the congress shows how great is the popular understanding of complex issues. According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corp survey A slight majority of those surveyed, 54%, favor the bill while 45% are opposed. Sixty-four percent of those polled said the current bill being…

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