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Dumber Than a Broom Handle

A state similar to the instrument in the title is often the condition of  prominent people who offer pronouncements about issues not related to their expertise.  Typically, these proclamations concern politics, economics, and/or science and technology. Athletes and actors are obviously entitled to their opinions. Because they are prominent, their opinions get disseminated and commented…

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Watching Sports on TV is a Waste of Time

I used to watch sports on TV. But doing so is another activity the internet has rendered unnecessary. The three to four hours spent watching a series of commercials interspersed with a few minute of football is time that could be spent in a useful endeavor like a long nap. You could record the game…

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It’s Really hard to Get Things Right

Anyone who’s done scientific research knows how hard it is to perform an experiment that conforms to all the rules of good science. There’s always something that’s overlooked or not thought of. There’s always another explanation for the data you get. In short good science is difficult. Things done in haste almost never work out as…

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