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Random Thoughts on Addiction, the Stock Market, and Gerbils on a Wheel

Having changed the definition of sex, gender, marriage, pronouns, speech, health, victory, defeat, money, bullying, poverty, success, dress, fake news, children, and height, I thought a few ruminations on smoking, addiction, and whatever free association could bring to mind might fill a few paragraphs. On Friday July 28 the FDA announced a comprehensive regulatory plan…

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La Traviata in the Market

I’m on vacation – regular posts will resume when I return home the end of the week. In the meantime have a look at this: The video was recorded in the central market in Valencia. Why I don’t know; it’s so good that a reason is superfluous.

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Americans Addicted to Food

The normally sober George Will seems to have lost his marbles over corn. His latest column makes the discovery that America has figured out how to make almost endless amounts of food at a very low price. Mr Will thinks that this is bad because cheap food allows people to eat too much of it….

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