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Haydn Piano Trios

No great composer wrote as much music as did Joseph Haydn (1732-1809). The quality of his music as as great as its amount. So vast is his output that it’s hard to count them. He is famed as the father of both the string quartet and the symphony. He wrote 68 of the former and…

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San Francisco Symphony Plays Haydn, Sibelius, and Beethoven

On Thursday evening, September 15, the  San Francisco  Symphony played Haydn’s Symphony # 69 for the first time in it’s long history. Its Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas conducted. The orchestra played the short work with a lush sound better suited to the symphonic works of the succeeding century. The concluding movement marked presto was…

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All Haydn’s Symphonies for $22

This says it all. You may never get around to listening to all 104 of them  but just having these works at you call is worth far more than $22.56. The conductor and orchestra are superb. And the symphonies are one of the greatest accomplishments of Western music. A great gift for a music lover….

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