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Operas in Which Everyone Dies

Death in opera is a frequent event. But there aren’t that many operas in which everyone goes to the final reward. I’m defining everyone as all of the principal roles. Here are five. I’m sure if I dug a little deeper or thought a little more effectively I could find more. In addition to this…

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Plus Blanche Que La Blanche Hermine

Giacomo Meyerbeer was the most popular opera composer of the 19th century. Les Huguenots (premiered at the Paris Opera in 1836) was his most popular opera. It was performed 125 times by the Metropolitan Opera over a span of 29 years. The last of these was in 1915. After that silence. The opera’s pivotal tenor role was sung…

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Les Huguenots – Act 4 Duet

Giacomo Meyerbeer (1791-1864) is roughly treated nowadays. But his operas did have a century long run which is far more than most composers for the stage get or can expect. And they still are occasionally performed. The best of them is likely Les Huguenots – premiered in 1836. Berlioz thought it an unqualified masterpiece. Perhaps the most…

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