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LSO Performs Mahler’s Symphony #2

Mahler’s Second Symphony, The Resurrection Symphony, is one of the great works of Western Art. Titanic in its scale and overwhelming in its inspiration the demands it makes on a symphony orchestra are beyond formidable. Its stature is unsurpassed in the orchestral literature. Last night the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra performed the work in the First…

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Finale 9 – Mahler Symphony #8

Mahler’s 8th symphony was composed in a blaze of inspiration during his Summer vacation in 1906 at Maiernigg in southern Austria. Mahler made his living conducting. Composition was only possible in the summer. The hut in which Mahler wrote the symphony is above the title. This huge and complex work took less than 8 weeks…

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Mahler's Markings

Rehearsal memo to the musicians of the New Philharmonia Orchestra of Newton, MA, on 4/1/09. [The orchestra performed Mahler’s Symphony #1 on April 4th and 5th of this year. The author of the April Fool’s joke is David Pesetsky, principal second violinist in the orchestra. NK.] Several weeks ago, we sent you a list of…

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