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Reality Strikes

The May 14 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine contains an article, Picking the Right Poison — Options for Funding Health Care Reform, that sets a new tone for the journal. It looks at health care reform through a clear lens. Funding universal health care is going to cost a lot of money. Be…

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A More Efficient Medical System

I was going to call this “Brooklyn Bridge Still for Sale”, but thought that I might be besieged with offers so I changed it to the more prosaic one above. Our troubles with the high cost of medical have been solved. The American Medical Association, America’s Health Insurance Plans, and the American Hospital Association are…

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Medical Tourism

The NY Times recently published a story about medical tourism. You can read it for yourself. What’s most interesting about the phenomenon and what’s not mentioned specifically is that it is an attempt to establish market economics in medical care. Note again that health care is a terrible misnomer that distracts attention from the real…

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