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Recording of the Week – The Complete Symphonies of Glazunov

Alexander Glazunov  (1865 – 1936)is a transitional figure in Russian music coming between between the lush romanticism of Tchaikovsky and the more spare and edgy music of Stravinsky, Prokofiev, and Shostakovitch. His eight symphonies show considerable growth in style and fluency. In addition to his compositions he was the director of the Saint Petersburg Conservatory…

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RIAA Goes After "Personal Use" Doctrine: Are They That Stupid?

Above is the title of an article by gadfly John Dvorak in PC magazine – the part before the colon. Dvorak comments on the possibility that the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) will start to sue people who rip CDs they’ve bought onto their computers or MP3 players. They would argue that the doctrine…

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Zune and Audible.com

Microsoft’s new MP3 player, the Zune, has gotten a lot of favorable reviews. One feature, or the lack of it, that I haven’t seen mentioned is that it is incompatible with Audible.com. All of Apple’s iPods are compatible. Audible says that the Zune lacks the firmware to play its audio books. That seems pretty lame….

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