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Inadequate Pain Management

It was inevitable. Everytime we get worked up about opioid abuse complaints about inadequate pain management are not far behind. Even though about two thirds of opioid abusers first get their drugs from illicit sources doctors are pressured to prescribe less opium derived pain medicine. I’ve seen this cycle at least three times since I…

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Addiction and Disease

Drug addiction has received extraordinary attention over recent years to the point where politicians have become interested in the problem. This is a sure sign that a real problem will be the subject of a lot of muddle headed thinking. For the past three decades or so addiction has been held to be a disease….

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The Opioid Epidemic

There seems to be no end of mischief that the government can do when it plunges into the quicksand of American medicine. Let’s consider the opioid epidemic. It appears that deaths from opioid overdose have sharply increased in this country.  Let’s also grant that this surge in deaths is exactly the way it’s portrayed in…

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