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Antonina Nezhdanova

Antonina Nezhdanova (1873-1950) was a Ukrainian soprano who made her career in the last years of Imperial Russia and then continued after the 1917 revolution as a singer and teacher in the Soviet Union. She was the greatest Russian soprano of her era. She had a high lyric voice which negotiated all the obstacles of…

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The Sniffer – Review

The Sniffer is a Ukrainian TV series recorded in Russian. The stories all take place in an unspecified Russian city. The license plates are Russian and the characters often refer to oligarchs. The show has two protagonists, the title character and his childhood buddy, who after a promotion halfway through the first season, is a Colonel…

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Ivan Kozlovsky

Ivan Kozlovsky (1900-93) was one of the great stars of Russian opera. He appeared in over 50 operas during his years at Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater – 1926 to 1954. The Ukrainian tenor was an intimate of Stalin and performed regularly at private gatherings for the Soviet dictator. He also had a friendly rivalry with the…

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