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On the Knocking at the Gate

“On The Knocking at the Gate” (1823) is the title of a celebrated essay (it’s below) by Thomas De Quincy (1785-1859) about an event that happens in Act 2 scene 2 of Macbeth. The Macbeths have just murdered King Duncan. Macbeth is horrified by what he has done, his wife less so. Lady Macbeth takes…

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On Retirement

Embalming fluid – the only cure for presidential fever* Forced retirement is now imposed on much of the world, I thought it of interest to comment on the retirement of four great figures, three of whom are not usually thought of as ever being retired. The fourth is a strange case of premature retirement. The…

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The Tempest in HD

Thomas Adès’ opera The Tempest was first performed at London’s Royal Opera House in 2004.  It received it’s Met premiere October 23 of this year with the same cast that performed on today’s telecast. Based on Shakespeare’s final play it has been altered by librettist Meredith Oakes to conform to modern English usage. The result is a sub-sophomoric…

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