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On Education

That American education is bereft of meaning in all but the most cloistered areas of its purview is self-evident. Little Liam and Olivia not only don’t know the three Rs by the 6th grade, they likely don’t even know what they are. Many of them and their like will sail through on the SS Ignoble…

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How can I, that girl standing there,My attention fixOn Roman or on RussianOr on Spanish politics,Yet here’s a travelled man that knowsWhat he talks about,And there’s a politicianThat has both read and thought,And maybe what they say is trueOf war and war’s alarms,But O that I were young againAnd held her in my arms. ——————-WB…

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Science and Religion

That there might be an inherent conflict between religion and science was not envisioned until the Renaissance when the two disciplines emerged as distinct entities. Until that time, man, the world, God or the gods, and natural phenomena were all part of natural philosophy. Aristotle could study just about anything from literature to the heavens…

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