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To Be or Not to Be

To those looking to the federal government for the solutions to life’s problems, reality is is a constant lance in the side. Retirees have been told that there was no inflation in 2010 which is why there was no  cost of living increase in Social Security benefits for 2011. Yet seniors have been hit with…

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We Lose Money on Every Car We Sell But Make It Up In Volume or The Accountant Ascendant

I was flabbergasted when I reread the following piece originally published in 1997. It outlines our current economic plan. I had no idea that our future president read Lubbock Magazine 12 years ago. But don’t impute any bitterness to my remarks. I’m perfectly willing to let him take all the credit for the plan I…

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Exciting Times

That’s how Jonathan Gruber PhD a professor of economics at MIT views the domestic scene in the US today in a Perspective piece in the NEJM. What he’s excited about are the good prospects for the passage by the congress of universal health care coverage. Professor Gruber rejects the view that adding universal health care…

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