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The Case Against Children

Fertility rates are below replacement levels in every country in the developed world except Israel. While the leaders of these countries view this decline with alarm, it represents a logical response to the realities of the modern world. Below are a few reasons for this infertile phenomenon. My discussion is pertinent only to the modern…

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Why Beethoven is so Great

There’s nothing I can say about Beethoven that will in any way affect his Olympian stature other than to echo Verdi’s declaration that we must all bow before him. But if you want to see just how visceral his connection to all humanity is look at the video below. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0REJ-lCGiKU&NR=1]

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Quotation of the Week

People like to say that buying a house is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Well, the median price of a home in 2008 was $180,100. Having a baby is like buying six houses, all at once. Except that you can’t (legally) sell them—and after 13 years they’ll tell you they hate you. Jonathan Last…

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