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Asking the Right Questions

Politicians manipulate the facts to suit their political needs. It is the job of the press to sort competing claims to the truth and thus inform the public. Alas, they do a lousy job. This poor performance, bias aside, is largely due to their inability to ask the right questions and their poor analytical skills….

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House Healthcare Bill

Below is the complete text of the House Healthcare Bill – all 1990 pages. I haven’t read it but a quick search finds “tax” in it about 275 times. I wonder if anyone has read it. House HCR bill

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Draft of House Health Insurance Bill

If you are addicted to punishment you might want to page through the draft of the House’s health insurance bill. Not only have most congressmen not read it, they would have to understand bureaucratease – the language in which the bill is written. This is the June 19th version and comes in at a concise…

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