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Bring Back The Abacus

The complete ingestion of the modern world by the computer has putatively made life easier and allegedly added to the variety and plenty of life’s pleasant experiences. Except when it hasn’t. Yesterday Walgreens informed me that I had a prescription ready for pickup. To make life easier for me they gave me a link to…

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Dow Jones Falls to Zero

It had to happen. According to Google finance the Dow Jones industrial index fell more than 12,000 points today – all the way to zero. But I never thought it could happen in one day. Market timing is really hard. If there was ever a time for QE 3 this is it. Stay tuned for…

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Bing vs Google

On the basis of a completely non-scientific survey, it appears to me that Microsoft’s relatively new search engine Bing is doing a better job at finding stuff than Google. Just a short while ago Google would find posts to blogs or small web sites within hours of their appearance. Now it seems to take the…

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