On the basis of a completely non-scientific survey, it appears to me that Microsoft’s relatively new search engine Bing is doing a better job at finding stuff than Google. Just a short while ago Google would find posts to blogs or small web sites within hours of their appearance. Now it seems to take the Goliath of search a week to find posts from small sites.

Why this is happening, assuming my impression is right, is hard to know. It may be that Google’s parabola from birth to death will turn out to be very rapid. Remember that the company, big as it is, is still new. The great Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter, famous for “creative destruction”, argued that capitalism and by extension each successful business inevitably nurtured the seed of its own destruction. Google having got so big so fast may decline just as rapidly.

Regardless, you might want to give Bing a try. It’s free. You can go here for a side by side comparison of the two search engines.

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