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More on Medicare's Administrative Costs

I’ve previously written on how Medicare drastically underestimates its administrative costs. Benjamin Zycher, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute,has analyzed these costs a different way and concluded that administrative costs under a single payer scheme would be twice those of today’s health insurance. He doesn’t really count the hidden costs that I was carrying…

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The American College of Physicians and Health Care

The ACP just released a position paper on health care access. It’s a comprehensive analysis of our system compared to those of other developed countries. It’s a fair and sober as long as you start from the view that what’s needed in the US is a single payer system. It says it wants to learn…

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Health Insurance and the Medical Establishment

Though most are unaware of their existence, there is a medical establishment and they want a single payer system of health insurance. Who are the medical establishment? They occupy leadership positions such as Deans, Presidents, and Chancellors of medical schools. They have leadership positions in prestigious professional organization, they are in the Institute of Medicine,…

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