I’ve previously written on how Medicare drastically underestimates its administrative costs. Benjamin Zycher, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute,has analyzed these costs a different way and concluded that administrative costs under a single payer scheme would be twice those of today’s health insurance.

He doesn’t really count the hidden costs that I was carrying on about, so the actual administrative costs of Medicare for all are likely even higher. Furthermore, we’re not likely to get Medicare, but rather Medicaid. Medicare currently sets about 1 million prices. Before the Soviet Union collapsed its government was setting about 30 million prices, so I guess we still have some room to maneuver.

When the federal government assumes all the responsibility for the nation’s medical bills they will be overwhelmed with ruinous costs. They only possible response will be to dispense less medical care. They will find themselves setting millions of prices and rationing everything from hips to dialysis in the name of “efficiency”. “Effectiveness” and “Evidence Based Medicine” are about to become synonyms for rationing.

I don’t really understand why I or anyone else should have to explain that expanding medical care, no matter how much of a good you think it to be, must cost more. Even if the government can print an infinity of money it cannot in truth make 2 + 2 equal anything but four no matter how fuzzy or creative its math.

The automobile business is just a warm up for the really big mouthful that’s national healthcare. The country’s GI tract is headed for either infarction or obstruction, or even both. The country seems ready to swallow a pill big enough to choke a pachyderm. Seeming to keep your head while everyone else are appropriately losing theirs is the worst kind of false assurance.

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