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Zinka Milanov – The Most Beautiful Voice in the World

“I have the most beautiful voice in the world.” That was Zinka’s appraisal of her own voice. Who am I to argue with such a source? Besides, she did. A great opera singer does what lesser singers do, only better. I can think of just two exceptions to the rule – Zinka Milanov and Giuseppe…

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Last night the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra with two combined choruses gave its annual Christmas concert at the First United Methodist Church before a sold out audience. They played real music – no Rudolph, no Santa, no cute kids running amok. The program concluded with Bach’s Magnificat. As an encore conductor Thomasz Golka led everyone in…

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Health Insurance and the Medical Establishment

Though most are unaware of their existence, there is a medical establishment and they want a single payer system of health insurance. Who are the medical establishment? They occupy leadership positions such as Deans, Presidents, and Chancellors of medical schools. They have leadership positions in prestigious professional organization, they are in the Institute of Medicine,…

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Sirius, The Met, and Rhapsody or Why Recording Executives Should be Permanently Retired

Peter Gelb has earned much praise for the innovations he has initiated during his brief tenure as General Manager at the Metropolitan Opera. Among these is broadcasting several live performances a week on Sirius. He also has released past performances from the Met’s 75 year old archives, again on the Sirius network. But remember he…

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Zune and

Microsoft’s new MP3 player, the Zune, has gotten a lot of favorable reviews. One feature, or the lack of it, that I haven’t seen mentioned is that it is incompatible with All of Apple’s iPods are compatible. Audible says that the Zune lacks the firmware to play its audio books. That seems pretty lame….

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