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La Bohème – Lubbock Symphony Orchestra

The following link will take to photos of the dress rehearsal of the LSO’s performance of La Bohème – La Bohème Pictures. The cast is below. The next link is to a PowerPoint presentation I gave before each performance. In order to  hear the musical illustrations you will need the complete folder that has the…

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Carmen – PowerPoint Presentation

Below is a link that will download a PowerPoint presentation I gave before the recent performances of Carmen by the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra. To use it download all the files and put them in the same folder. To hear the sound excerpts click on the sound icon on the slides that are associated with music….

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Why is Medical Care So Expensive?

The PowerPoint presentation below contains the slides I used today to accompany a presentation on the above subject to the Lubbock Roundtable. It is just an outline to my remarks. The quotation below belongs to slide #36. Its from The Obamacare Crisis by Thomas B Edsall in the  New York Times November 19, 2013. The…

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Hepatorenal Syndrome – Slide Presentation

Below is the PowerPoint presentation of a talk on the Hepatorenal Syndrome that I gave today to the Fall Medical/Surgical  Conference sponsored jointly by the Lubbock-Crosby-Garza Medical Society and the Covenant Health System.   Click to download the PowerPoint presentation Hepatorenal Syndrome

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Screening for Cancer

Below is the PowerPoint presentation of the talk Screening for Cancer that I gave today to Spring Cancer Conference sponsored by the Lubbock-Crosby-Garza County Medical Society. A related presentation can be found here. Screening for Cancer

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Bicarbonate Therapy in Severe Metabolic Acidosis

This is a PowerPoint presentation of a talk given at the annual meeting of the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation – February 23, 2008. It can be used for any noncommercial purpose as long as the original source is acknowledged. Also listed below is a pdf file of a paper on the same subject that…

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Controlling the Cost of Medical Care

This is a version of a talk I’ve given many times. It discusses how the ever increasing cost of medical care might be contained. I no longer think that anything other than divine intervention will control medical costs. The public believes that medical care is a right and thus should be paid by someone else….

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How to Succeed as a Clinician Educator

Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation in February, 2007 and at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center /Internal Medicine Grand Rounds in April 2007. This presentation may be used for any noncommercial purpose as long as the original source is cited. Requires PowerPoint. How to Succeed as a Clinician…

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