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An eon is just a moment for a spinning rockHarnessed to an angry pyre a half a breath awayBoth huddling together like frightened sheepOn a vast vista bereft of all but trembling grassA vagrant tilt sends angled light to bathe the stoneIn vivid rays of animating warmth. A tilt with just a rumor’s nudge would…

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The Old Man’s Black and White Cat

Before the shortest days begin to grow A bent head the pallor of broken snowSheds its silence and thinks of ancient daysWhen the finite was in its boundless phaseMemories are foamy seas tossed to hideThe blemished vines of scars long put aside There is though one that quiet keeps returningAn antique pain of relapsing yearningA…

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My Last Duchess

My Last Duchess is a poem by Robert Browning (1812-89). Written in 1842, the poet called the piece a dramatic lyric, but it is really a dramatic monologue – a form associated with Browning. It consists of 28 couplets written in iambic pentameter. The rhyming words occur at the end of each line, but the…

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The Martyrdom of Saint Elmo

He saw the light leap leopard low A ribbon from a wanton bow A slash of fire on Saint Elmo’s brow a lurid smile denotes the scholar’s mortal grin One would not think darkness the repose of sin Melancholy was a pose of those within the bounds of mortal care But age no longer rests…

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Llanto Por La Muerte De Ignacio Sánchez Mejías

Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936) was the jewel of the Generation of ’27; a group of poets and other artists which included – in its broadest sense – Luis Buñuel, Salvador Dali, and the torero Ignacio Sánchez Mejías. It was the death of this literary bull fighter that inspired Garcia Lorca to write one of the…

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Don Pasquale

He was old and foolish, Predicaments not inextricably conjoined. His friends for reasons linked to gain But writ in friendship’s tawdry advertisements Put him on a skewer and turned him hot For a delicacy twixt food and sleep. His pain is Indies spice for sluggish Palates that dine on grief And those that smirk at…

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