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Medicine Undefined

The purpose of medicine is twofold. First to prolong life, ie to prevent premature death from disease. The second is to relieve pain and suffering from disease. To many medical “experts” it also appears to include the alleviation of just about anything that can cause distress of any sort. War, murder, crime, poverty are among…

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Bicarbonate Therapy in Severe Metabolic Acidosis

This is a PowerPoint presentation of a talk given at the annual meeting of the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation – February 23, 2008. It can be used for any noncommercial purpose as long as the original source is acknowledged. Also listed below is a pdf file of a paper on the same subject that…

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Pippo’s Met Debut

“His musical merits have mostly to do with style, for the voice, though neither small nor ugly, is not an organ of great beauty.” Virgil Thomson in the New York Herald Tribune reviewing GDS’s Met debut on February 25, 1948 How would you like to have this brilliant insight following you through all eternity?

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Giuseppe Di Stefano 1921-2008

No great tenor seems to have spawned more ambivalence among opera lovers than the late Giuseppe Di Stefano. Even I’m showing it by leading with a negative. So let’s get it out in the open. He was the greatest Italian tenor I ever heard in performance. That he’s not a household name as are Callas…

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Educational Thought of the Day

Nobody can teach you nothing. You got to learn for yourself. Willie Mays

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