This is a little off message, but every time my wife and I go to Grand Cayman (several times a year) we go to Blue – the five diamond restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Its an extravagance, but we rationalize by saying that our kids are paying for it. The place is noteworthy for its outstanding seafood and it equally outstanding service.

Last week we went and found things a little different than on previous visits. The menu had a rib eye steak on it that had a supplemental price (the place has a fixed price menu) that was greater than the cost of the best steak at many US steakhouses. So I ordered it – bad decision. My wife stuck to the red snapper. It was perfect. The steak, on the other hand, was an inferior piece of meat. It could be bettered at almost any restaurant you picked at random. What it was doing at Blue is impossible to understand. The moral – don’t order a steak at a seafood restaurant. But you already knew that. This is more a reminder for me than for anyone else. The lousy beef shocked me so much that I forgot to send it back. This was not one of my best decision days.

The service was off too. The waiters didn’t bring me a steak knife. I had to ask for one. A chainsaw would have been more appropriate. Instead of bringing the dessert menu, they brought the bar menu. OK, even Caruso had off nights. Will I go back? Yes. Will I order beef? No. And neither should anyone else. Maybe the supplemental price for the steak was code for “Don’t order this”.