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Early Diagnosis of Cancer

The sad news that Justice Ginsburg has pancreatic cancer has resurfaced the issue of cancer survival data. Epidemiologists have been trying to convince oncologists for decades that survival data are meaningless. And they more or less have, though recidivism is common among the latter. US News has an article that shows that we’ve still got…

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Exciting Times

That’s how Jonathan Gruber PhD a professor of economics at MIT views the domestic scene in the US today in a Perspective piece in the NEJM. What he’s excited about are the good prospects for the passage by the congress of universal health care coverage. Professor Gruber rejects the view that adding universal health care…

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The Recordings of Enrico Caruso 1908 – 1909

More than a year separated Caruso’s last recording in 1907 from his first in 1908. In July he recorded (for the second time) the quartet from Rigoletto (Bella figlia dell’amore). His colleagues were Marcella Sembrich, Gina Severina, and Antonio Scotti. This recording finds him at the peak of his powers. Notice how the acoustic horn…

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