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Greenland to Toronto Aboard the Clelia II

[All photos in this and subsequent posts about this trip were taken by me unless otherwise indicated.] For some reason that has fled like vigor I decided to go to Greenland. I stumbled across a listing for the small ship, the Clelia II, that offered at trip from Toronto to Greenland and one in the…

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Unreasonable Health Insurance Premiums

New York Times columnist and Nobel prize winner in economics Paul Krugman is famous for his dedication to fiscal stimulus as an escape from our current economic woes. No matter how much money the government pumps into the economy he wants more if the result is not what is desired. Thus he is indulging in…

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Mariangela Vacatello at the Spencer Theater

Pianist Mariangela Vacatello gave the last of the three recitals of this years Ruidoso Chamber Music Festival on Saturday evening July 31. The audience for this performance was by far the largest of the series. The Spencer Theater was almost full. Ms Vacatello chose a formidable program. The first half was Liszt’s Piano Sonata in…

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Milton Friedman’s 98th Birthday

Milton Friedman was born July 31, 1912. He died in 2006. This brief excerpt from a speech given decades ago is eerily apposite. It also is pure Hayek. There’s not a thought in this clip that isn’t almost word for word from Hayek. [youtube=!]

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Ray Chen: Violin Recital in Ruidoso

Ray Chen is a 20 year old violinist who was born in Taiwan, raised in Australia, and who moved to Philadelphia when he was 15 to study at the Curtis Institute. Somewhere along the way he picked up an American accent. He gave the second performance of this year’s Ruidoso Chamber Music Festival – 2…

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