If you’re looking for a good free sound device I highly recommend mp3mymp3. It will record from your computer and will also rip CDs. I have had no trouble doing both with this software. You do need a sound card to record, but it uses the built in one on my motherboard without difficulty. It will save files in either mp3 or wav formats at bit rates from 16 to 320 kbs/sec. It is very good at identifying the track titles from CDs. Of course, if you are satisfied with the program you can make a donation to its authors, but you don’t have to. It’s fully functional as downloaded.

It easily beats the free programs that are available. Windows Media Player and iTunes rip (with high error rates), but don’t record. The former is terrible at identifying track names. Since the  program is free you have nothing to loose by trying it out. I have no idea who its author(s) is/are nor do I know why it’s given away.