World Premier Of The Dawn, An Opera From The Band Frausun, Premiering At The Eisemann Center on November 5th, 2011.
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Dallas, TX: Invoking classic Wagnerian leitmotifs, with modern musical sounds, Kurtz Frausun The Dawn, an electronic German opera about 2 lovers, one a Norse warrior, the other a Valkyrie who profess their love before battling together on the fields of Ragnarok, has been released to the public and will be performed at the Eisemann Center on November 5th, 2011.

“I want people who have never been fans of opera to be open to the idea of experimentation. And those who are familiar with classical themes, to appreciate the eternal myths proposed in the work,” said Frausun the composer of the opera.

Unconventional in its creation, the vocals were recorded first by the singers, Jennifer Sowle and John G. Jones, with the melodies improvised from the raw libretto. The work also utilizes sounds such as crackling fire, the screech of a dive bomber and the thundering hooves of galloping horses and swirling wind. It’s advised that those with heart conditions or epilepsy should not attend the production because of its flashing lights and sudden bursts of sound.

The English to German translation of the libretto was done by Erik Werner of the Houston Opera.

“The purpose of the work is to take the common sounds of the world and make them into operatic rhythms.” Kurtz

Yngve and Agata, the two characters of the work, begin the opera by professing their love for one another before they take to the field of Ragnarok, where they previously had consummated their love. While Agata sings of her love and fear of dying, Yngve tries to convince her that it is destiny, that all shall end and the fear of prophecy is not of their concern. The eternal of the sacred texts of the Prose Edda is a fertile ground for their faith.

Act 2 is the battle where large, long sweeping strings and pounding war drums symbolize their struggle and eventual demise of not only the two lovers, but the child Agata carries. However, before Odin, the father of the god’s perishes, He grants them a new life as the world is bathed in blood and fire. Their love is so pure and touching, they have been chosen as the first two humans to be born from the shattered tree of life, the Yggdrasil. With the completion of the work, Act 3 signals their rebirth and the child who has joined them.

The stage production, utilizing audience interaction, video projections, and effects on par with William Castle, The Dawn will be a full, multi-media experience.

“The vision I have for this is one that leaves the audience with sensory overload from lights to cannon fire, as if they were a part of the battle themselves. This is trench warfare: the audience, the enemy, on one side, the performers on the other.”

The Charles W. Eisemann Center is located at 2351 Performance Drive in Richardson, Texas. The Eisemann Center is accessible from Highway 75 North taking the Galatyn Parkway/Renner Road exit going north and the Galatyn Parkway/Campbell Road exit going south, or from the DART light rail station at Galatyn Park.

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