Amazon offers Prime, which is a premium membership to the online retailer, for $79 a year. The membership includes free two-day shipping on products, as well as unlimited streaming of videos from a library of television shows and movies. The preceding is from an article about Amazon’s soon to be released Kindle Fire. It’s typical of it’s ilk. It suggests that it costs $79 a year to have a Prime membership with Amazon. Well, it does – sort of. What these writers seem unaware of and what Amazon doesn’t widely disseminate is that one Prime can be shared with five people for a cost of $15 a person.

Go to your Amazon account and then click on Manage Prime Membership – it’s in the Settings panel. You’ll see the information below.

Amazon seems very generous in accepting relatives as members of your household irrespective of where they hang their headgear. Three kids and a spouse share my Prime membership for what seems a great deal. I’m not surprised that Amazon doesn’t widely advertise this feature. But maybe they should, as it would doubtless bring them more business. Anyway, you now know about it.