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The Photographs of Robert Cahen – Part 2

The photos below were all taken by Robert Cahen for the San Francisco Opera. They were given to me by Mr Cahen and are used with his permission.

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Faust in HD

After several shows of non-standard opera the Met telecasts returned to the most standard of standard operas – Gounod’s masterpiece Faust. This performance  (Dec 10, 2011) was the 737th time the company has presented this work which was once such a staple at the Met that it earned the house the sobriquet of Faustspiehaus.  This new…

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Role of Hyperfiltration in the Pathogenesis of Diabetic Nephropathy

The following is the summary of a book chapter written by Sandra Sabatini and me in Advances in Pathogensis of Diabetic Nephropathy published by Nova. The chapter details the current state of our knowledge about globular hyperfiltration as a causal event in the glomerulosclerosis that characterizes diabetic nephropathy. The entire chapter is appended below as a pdf file. The pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy is doubtless…

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Rodelinda in HD – Capo Di Tutti Capi

Handel’s opera Rodelinda was broadcast on the Metropolitan Opera’s HD network today. First performed in 1725 it was performed for the first time by the company in 2004. The reason for the opera’s emergence from the dustbin of operatic history was Renée Fleming who performed the title role that season and again during the following one. This revival…

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