Another January birthday anniversary is that of Marilyn Horne (born January 16, 1934). This incomparable singer set the standard for mezzo-soprano singing for most of the second half of the 20th century. She was one of those few performers whose artistry defied description; you had to hear her to believe that a human being could do what she did with seeming ease – obviously nobody no matter how gifted gets this good without years of hard work. Below are eight photos Ms Horne taken by Robert Cahen. A bonus: a sound file of her singing “Rammenta chi sei” from Rossini’s Semiramide. It was in the Swan of Pesaro’s operas that she was without peer. Rammenta chi sei – Marilyn Horne

Rossini: Italian Girl SF Opera 1964 with Spiro Malas

With Senator Feinstein, then Mayor of SF, and Gen. Dir. Kurt Herbert Adler at Opera in the Park 1981

Rossini: Cenerentola SF Opera 1982

Verdi: Falstaff with Invar Wixell

Rossini: L'Ialiana in Algeri 1986

Book Jacket Cover

Photo in Half Moon Bay DECCA Cover

Rossini: Tancredi LA Opera