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Student Loans

The only segment of our economy that had experienced the same inflation as medical care is higher education. While there may be many causes for this expansion of cost the biggest is doubtless the easy availability of student loans. The federal government has recently assumed full responsibility for the vast majority of these instruments. Until now it…

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Res Ipsa Loquitur

But if you’d like to read more about this observation, ie SAT reading scores are at a decades long low, go here.

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Joseph Schmidt – In English

Romanian tenor Joseph Schmidt (1904-42)was one of the vocal wonders of the last century. He had the most complete technique of any tenor in the recorded age. He could do anything, runs, trills, molten beauty and legato – all were his. All he lacked were height and luck. His sad story is well known and has…

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Lubbock Symphony Opens 2012-13 Season

The Lubbock Symphony Orchestra’s new season opened last night at a sold out Civic Center Theater. Maestro David Cho conducted his first concert as the orchestra’s music director. The guest artist was cellist Yo-Yo Ma who performed Elgar’s Cello Concerto. The first half of the evening was devoted to Czech music. The program began with Smetana’s overture to…

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Post Conventions Take-Away Message

Now that the quadrennial political rituals have been observed and and something serious like the NFL has superseded them  consider the following observation: Each party alleges, and its enthusiasts agree, that it has never done anything wrong, and that its opponent has never done anything right. Any failures, catastrophes, or absurdities during its tenure are blamed on late-appearing aftereffects…

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Osmolality and Brain Injury

The August 23rd issue of the New England Journal of Medicine has a review article about the treatment of raised intracranial pressure. A patient with head trauma is the index case. Patients who are known to have increased intracranial pressure or more commonly thought to have it are typically treated with agents that increase serum…

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