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Quotation of the Week

If once [the people] become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves. Thomas Jefferson Letter to Edward Carrington Paris, Jan. 16, 1787

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Hepatorenal Syndrome – Slide Presentation

Below is the PowerPoint presentation of a talk on the Hepatorenal Syndrome that I gave today to the Fall Medical/Surgical  Conference sponsored jointly by the Lubbock-Crosby-Garza Medical Society and the Covenant Health System.   Click to download the PowerPoint presentation Hepatorenal Syndrome

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The Tempest in HD

Thomas Adès’ opera The Tempest was first performed at London’s Royal Opera House in 2004.  It received it’s Met premiere October 23 of this year with the same cast that performed on today’s telecast. Based on Shakespeare’s final play it has been altered by librettist Meredith Oakes to conform to modern English usage. The result is a sub-sophomoric…

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Public Health Programs Partner With Oncology to Conquer Cancer

As oncology experts and cancer patients search for a cure to the disease, they are turning to public health programs to help them organize collaborative efforts to meet these goals. In today’s post by Charlotte Kellogg, she explores different methods that advocates who have trained for careers in public health help cancer-fighting communities crowdsource the…

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Joan Sutherland’s Birthday

November 7 was the 86th anniversary of the birth of one opera’s greatest stars – Joan Sutherland. below are four photographs of the late diva taken by Robert Cahen.

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An Obvious Solution

In the interest of fairness, the altar before which we all worship, I have a solution to all our problems. It so obvious that you will kick yourself in the head, if you’re really limber, when I tell it to you. The solution came to me in the shower just as it did to Archimedes in that…

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