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A Serious Bird

BOISE, Idaho — Albertson’s LLC said Monday that it has agreed to acquire The United Family, a privately owned chain of 50 supermarkets based in Lubbock, Texas, operating under three banners. Supermarket News Sept 9, 2013 This is really very simple, but I’ll do my best to make it complex. Groucho is a Yellow-Naped Amazon…

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William Harvey – Review of a Book Review

Thomas Wright has written a new biography of William Harvey (1578-1657) who first described the circulation of the blood. I haven’t read it, but I have read a review of the book in the September 16, 2013 Weekly Standard – Living in Vein. The are a number of ways to review a book. The best…

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Antenore Reali – Italian Baritone

Antenore Reali (1897-1960)) was a baritone active from 1921 until 1952 when he was forced to retire because of ill health. Even serious opera lovers may not have heard of him. After listening to his recordings you will likely share my surprise at his obscurity. He may have gone relatively unnoticed for several reasons. His…

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Tutto Verdi – I Masnadieri

I Masnadieri was first performed in at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London on July 22, 1847. Verdi led the first two performances. There were only two more in the English capital. Verdi spent much of his time in England complaining about the weather; and he was there during the Summer. He was at the height of…

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Elisabetta al Castello di Kenilworth

Elisabetta al Castello di Kenilworth is Gaetano Donizetti’s 26th opera. It was written in 1829 for the Teatro San Carlo in Naples and then then revised for the same theater the following year. Andrea Leone Tottola wrote the Italian libretto after Victor Hugo’s play Amy Robsart  and Eugene Scribe’s play Leicester, both of which were…

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No Second Acts in American Confectionary?

OK so the world has been going steadily downhill for last 5774 years. The trouble began with food which will eventually be my focus. But first a few disjointed musings. Most of our problems result from misdirected attempts to make things better. There are few Iagos in the world. This (the desire to do good…

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