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Otello Opens the Met 2015-16 Season

There’s nothing like a live performance of an opera, especially when you can’t see it. I listened to the Met’s Otello over the Sirius network tonight and thus can’t say anything about Bart Sher’s new production which moved the story to the late 19th century. But judging by the tepid reaction to the production team’s appearance during…

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Kidney Disease and the Elderly

I hate to write this, but it appears that the New York Times may be more up to speed than your primary care doctor or even your nephrologist when it comes to kidney disease in the elderly. For Older Adults, Questioning a Diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease accurately describes a problem which has not received the…

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José Luccioni

José Luccioni (1903-78), despite the Spanish first name and the Italian surname, was a French tenor. Born in Corsica he was a race car driver and auto mechanic for Citroen before he discovered he had a voice. He studied with tenors Léon David and Léon Escalais and made his debut in Rouen as Cavaradossi in…

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The Doctors’ Loophole – Another Reason why this is Such a Wonderful Country

Forty million Americans have a combined $1.2 trillion in student debt. Since the last recession this is only type of consumer debt that hasn’t decreased. As these loans are mostly guaranteed by the government they keep accumulating. Whether going into debt to get a college education is a good idea is not my subject. Neither…

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Suicide in Doctors

One of the medical newsletters I receive describes the suicide of a 33 year old surgeon near the completion of his training. The sad story of this death was taken from an article that appeared in Time Magazine – Why The Toxic Treatment of Doctors Needs to Change. The authors of the piece are the…

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