Vermont in a spasm of enlightenment has mandated that all genetically modified foods sold in the Green Mountain State be so labeled. According to numerous polls 90% of the population of the USA thinks this a good idea. This is the same concerned and informed group that by an 80% margin supports labeling food that contains DNA. I guess you can’t be too safe. Therefore I would like to add my support to this movement and ask Vermont to add Fido to  their list of stuff that needs a GMO label. After all, he is nothing more than a genetically modified wolf. While they’re at it they can add horses, pigs, cattle, cats and most anything else found around humans. They were all genetically modified by said humans and are fed genetically modified fodder in the case of those species we eat.  Consumer Reports thinks mandatory labeling a good idea. What better endorsement could the scientists serving in the Vermont legislature want. Of course this means that will have to tattoo everyone in the state, because we’re all genetically modified apes. And to be really safe we should give up eating altogether. God, life is complicated.