I realize that we’re still in the early part of the 21st century, but this line from the April issue of Opera News will be hard to top. “Henry Stewart reconciles the dissonances in the career of opera’s greatest atonal composer.” The reference is to Alban Berg. This statement is akin to writing that Martha Stewart details the career of Alma Gruckenshank knitting’s greatest one armed knitter.

For those committed serialists out there, Berg’s Wozzeck will return to the Met next December. eTickets will sell you a seat for $785 for the December 27 show if you’re in an expansive mood. My one and only exposure to a live performance of the opera was its Met prima on March 5, 1959. Eleanor Steber was Marie and Hermann Uhde did the title role. The show was stolen by Kurt Baum who was born to play the Drum Major.