The photos below were found in a box after my mother died. They detail part of her brother Nat’s service in the US Army during World War 2.  I know nothing more than what was written on the back of some of these pictures. They were about 60 years old by the time I saw them. My uncle had long since died. He was an older soldier, being about 32 when he was drafted.

He never told me that he landed at Omaha Beach. I don’t know what wave he was part of. He was initially assigned to the ski troopers, but was luckily transferred to an ordinance group. He said that all those who remained in his initial training class died. There may have been more photos, but those presented here are all I found. With the attention focused by the 75th anniversary of D-Day I thought it would be appropriate to post the shots. They pretty much speak for themselves. I’ve listed what was written on their backs in the captions.

The photo above the title is described as “Before first combat zone – June 1944.” To get a better view of them click on a photo to enlarge it.

Hot day with skis – Camp Hale Colorado

Drill field

Miller at Camp Shanks NY April 44. All set for the boat.

Lanky and his fiddle – Norwich England – April 44

Norwich – April 44

England ’44

Baseball in England

Invasion of France – Omaha Beach

Just after Omaha Beach

Carentan France June 44

1st steak Carentan June 44

13 kids one on the way – Carentan June 44

Wearing berets

783rd Ordinance

783rd no helmets

Office staff The Fightin’ DAO signed on the back by all 6

Howitzer after firing

The roof leaks Mosbach Germany Dec 44