There can be no greater evidence of the disparity of medical facilities and outcomes than the comparisons suggested by the above title. You can read the three charts below. Note that Queens has more than 38 thousand cases of COVID-19. The county has 146 ICU beds for a population of 2.273 million. Brooklyn (Kings County) has more than 33 thousand cases. It has 282 ICU bed for a population of 2.533 million. Lubbock has 407 cases of the disease. It has 338 ICU beds (fully staffed) for a population of a little more than 323 thousand. Also consider that neither Queens nor Brooklyn has run short of ICU beds.

You might think that the West Texas county would behave differently from its bigger siblings, but you’d be wrong. The area is on lock-down and limits non-coronavirus related hospital care. The local leaders also, at first, worried that they might not have enough critical care facilities. A few days ago there were 6 patients with COVID-19 in the ICU of the county’s largest hospital. We could easily give the Boy Scouts lessons in preparedness.

COVID-19 data for Queens, NY
COVID-19 data for Brooklyn, NY
COVID-19 data for Lubbock, TX