CNN’s medical contributor Dr Leana Wen said: “So now we have this delta variant that is much more contagious. Because it’s more contagious, it’s going to be even harder for us to reach herd immunity.” Dr Wen who seems very intelligent and well trained (in Emergency Medicine) must have been on autopilot when she made the statement. Of course, the exact opposite is true. The more contagious a virus, the more people it will infect. Those who survive will be immune. Thus, the delta variant will make it easier, not harder, to achieve herd immunity. It may be better to get to herd immunity via vaccination, but her statement is 1800 off course.

As I’ve mentioned here before, the natural evolution of an infectious virus is for it to become more contagious and less lethal as time passes. I have seen no evidence thus far that the delta variant of the coronavirus has greater morbidity and/or mortality than its precursors. The current epidemic has not been noted for its tendency to heightened analysis.