The La Scala virtual exhibition described below in their announcement of the event is full of interesting material. It’s available with an English translation which has entertainment value of its own. It will only be available for a limited time. It’s a rewarding effort well worth the considerable time it takes to view and listen to all the material La Scala has assembled. NAK

One hundred years ago in 1921, the tenor legend Enrico Caruso died in Naples. That same year two of the most important tenors of the last century were born in Italy: Giuseppe Di Stefano and Franco Corelli. These legendary tenors are commemorated a new online exhibition, Caruso, Corelli, Di Stefano 1921-2021 – Three Legends of Italian Singing, the first virtual exhibition presented by the Teatro all Scala in Milan in collaboration with Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The exhibition is an opportunity to remember three artists who helped established the phenomenon of the modern-day Italian tenor. It has been curated by the Italian music critic Mattia Palma from the collection of the Theatre Museum of La Scala and in partnership with Warner Classics.

Drawing on the innovative spirit of Enrico Caruso, a pioneer in the field of recordings, Punto Rec Studio, based in Turin, has created a virtual space that reproduces the actual interiors of La Scala, allowing visitor to move freely around the theatre and interact with  photos, artefacts, films and recordings of three of Italy’s greatest singing legends who all appeared frequently on La Scala’s stage.

Visit the exhibition here