The Trio Balkan Strings is a father and his two sons team – all acoustic guitar players. They are based in Belgrade. The three players are Zoran Starcevic, Nikola Starcevic, and Zeljko Starcevic. They seem to be very active in central Europe. They are virtuosos of the highest proficiency. The video below is called Stampedo. A regular encore piece is Hava nagila. What’s astounding about their rendition is that they do it all on one guitar – six hands. In case the YouTube encore goes dark, I’ve embedded it below. The skills humans can master still astounds. Thanks to LC for alerting me to these exceptional musicians.

What a piece of worke is a man! how Noble in
Reason? how infinite in faculty, in forme, and mouing
how expresse and admirable in Action, how like an Angel
in apprehension, how like a God?


You have made [humans] a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned them with glory and honor.
Psalm 8 verse 5